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first night in awhile that I’m completely by myself and I just catch myself thinking about you..
I don’t know why because you do absolutely nothing for me because you’re too far up the other bitches ass.
can’t believe I believed you for one minute. I just want you to love me but I know it’s best off for us not to have any contact between eachother.
but I always find myself thinking about you still, to this day. when I know for a fact you don’t think about me once.
you only wanted me here the beginning of the month because you had no one else to fuck around with. but right when that bitch came back you fell for her bullshit again.
it’s not even jealousy, it’s just all the shit you told me and all the shit you told me when we dated of how much you hate when some does this or that. she does all of it and you said you’d never put up with it.. but you do. it’s just doesn’t make any fucking sense.
I was never that. I don’t get why you don’t get that.
I just wished you’d take time out of your day to think about me and say “hey I want to make things better between Erika and I.”
but I just don’t fucking get what’s so great about her.
she has a banging body better than I’ve ever had but her personality is not there at all. she’s completely heartless and cares nothing but herself.
don’t you want someone who is willing to give you all that you’ve ever wanted?
I thought I was doing well, I really thought I was. I seemed so confident when I told my fucking bestfriends but you know what I’m fucking lying to myself. I’m a fucking mess and I just want to move on but you’re holding me back.
it’s been so long since we’ve dated but to me it seems as if it just happened.
I don’t understand what makes her so much better than me.
I fucking hate her. it’s not love that you guys have, it’s a fucking pathetic relationship especially when she cheats on you with the one kid you hate with a passion and you don’t fucking get that.
I guess it’s karma but it’s ISNT when you truly don’t get the concept and you keep going back to her.
but it’s whatever. I mean have her, you already do but you don’t because she’s too busy being a fuckhead but you clearly don’t see that. so be happy with some bitch that’ll never give you what I gave you.
I just don’t get it, that’s all.


I always find myself unhappy when I’m not happy about myself. when I’m not happy with myself I start to think so negative. thinking negative leads to basically hating everyone. hating everyone leads into me hating life and not wanting to be here.
I NEED to get back to where I want to be. I don’t want to be back down this path again.
I need to be absolutely serious like I was a year ago.
being healthy and working out constantly is what I want to do.
I’m going to push for that self of mine that I want to be again because being down the path and I’m going to again is no where close of what I want at all.

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I imagine aliens smoking weed these colors.
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It’s better to have nobody than someone who is half there, or who doesn’t want to be there.

— Angelina Jolie (via potayto)